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Do you think that Wikipedia will disrupt the travel guide book in the same way as they did with the printed encyclopedia? Will tourists prefer do get crowd-sourced information about destinations from fellow travelers, instead of getting trip advise from book editors and travel agents?

I used to bring along a small pocket guide during my journeys, but maybe that will change in the future with personalized travel stuff at my fingertips, e.g., with mobile apps, map and web browser.

The travel industry is big business, so it is understandable that Wikivoyage is trying to “pull a Jimbo Wales" according to some pundits:

It’s a great notion, but Wikivoyage is coming late to the already crowded travel industry, and the non-profit has some well-funded and very smart competition to outmaneuver — everyone from Yelp, to TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, Hipmunk and others. No one wanted to get into the encyclopedia business when Wikipedia launched, but the travel industry is among the largest and most lucrative of any category online.

(, January 11, 2013.)

From Simon Sharwood’s post, Wikimedia gets the travel bug with Wikivoyage (“Just what the world needs: another travel site in search results”):

Wikivoyage, as the new site is called, is billed as a non-commercial source of traveller-penned travel advice and already offers more than 50,000 pages.

That stance takes the site into territory very close to that inhabited by TripAdvisor, a for-profit site that has generated controversy because it has not always been particularly responsive when asked to moderate negative reviews. Allegations that some of those negative reviews come rival travel businesses hoping to game the site with false reports about their competitors have also dogged the site.

Those allegations make an independent alternative welcome, but many may feel that alternative already exists in the form of That site carries no obvious signs of paid content and offers the same “anyone can edit” facility as Wikimedia’s sites, but the fine print points out it is owned by an outfit called Internet Brands.

(, January 18.)

I will test out the power of “six degrees of separation" and check out Flights With Friends: 

Flights With Friends wants to make it easy for families and friends to find and book flights and hotels together, allowing everyone in your travel posse to see the same results, pin their favorites and chat about different options — in realtime. The startup is on a mission to solve the kind of problems that are familiar to anyone who has attempted to arrange travel for a group of friends, like those inevitable, lengthy back-and-forths via group text, reply-all-heavy email chains and spreadsheets.

(Techcrunch, January 10, 2013.)

Where are you now and where do you want to go?

At the moment I am in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I want to visit the following countries:

CA, US, BS, BM, MQ, BR, EE, GR, HU, IT, NL, PT, UK. JP, AU, and NZ.

    I want to fly with KLM in the near future:

    I want to visit Palei Pori in Greece in May and learn more about photography.

    Do you have any favorite travel booking site between the following: 

    • Expedia
    • Hotwire
    • Opodo
    • Orbitz
    • Travelocity

    My preferred travel search engine was named as the world’s leading travel booking website at the World’s Travel Awards on December 12, 2012.

    After reading Rafat Ali’s post, The mostly self-serving state of travel blogging in 2013, I am convinced to continue with this blog… ;)


    Source: via Martin on Pinterest

    As a tea enthusiast, I have to visit Hawaii and Cloudwater Tea Farm


    Hawaii may be crazy for Kona, but Cloudwater Tea Farm is steep competition.
    Hawaii a beau être folle du Kona, les fermes de thé Cloudwater ont déjà le succès en poche.

    Photo by /par Aya Brackett.

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    Mornington Hotel Stravaganza in Gothenburg has been honored the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

    I am glad to see that my preferred travel supplier, Rovia, was nominated for North America’s Leading Travel Agency 2012 by World Travel Awards. Here is a video on the airline booking engine with Mike Putman.